Why this fund came to be

It is our wish that the WEASE CARES Children's Fund will perpetuate Andy's & Faith's memory, the quality of generosity and the child we found in their hearts. The WEASE CARES Children' Fund serves to be a perpetual fund, and a repository of gifts from Andy's and Faith's friends, family, acquaintances, the community and any  other interested individuals willing to help children in our community.

Andy and Faith gave to us from their hearts, and in keeping with their spirit, it is the goal of this fund to enhance the lives of children within the Greater Rochester area with special needs , by providing an integral financial resource so that may benefit from opportunities and experiences that may not otherwise be financially feasible,

How a child may benefit from this Fund

All the money raised by WEASE CARES Children's Fund stays in the Rochester & surrounding area. It is used to directly benefit a child in need. If you are looking for assistance for a child 18 yrs. or younger you may email (weasefund@yahoo.com)  Please include the following information in your request: your name, agency, relationship and complete contact information, child's first name only and age, and what type of assistance you are looking for. In the subject line please type "assistance"

Services We Do Not Provide: payment of medical expenses/bills - donations to fund raisers - payment of energy bills - purchase/repair of automobiles - travel expenses  purchase of appliances - assistance to adult family members - home remodeling - moving expenses - reimbursements on services or products - no self referrals

Statement of Purpose

The mission of  WEASE CARES Children's Fund is to touch the lives directly of children
  in the Greater Rochester area. The explicit intent of this fund is to enhance the lives of these children by providing, with ease and integrity, a financial means of obtaining opportunities and experiences that will bring greater esteem, dignity, fun, laughter and quality to their daily life.


Brother Wease - Founder Wease Cares, Radio Personality, Poker Player:

"My man! My best friend! Andy could fix anything - motorcycles, cars stuff at the house. my dogs liked him better than me! I was with him when he was getting ready to take his journey to the better place. He said, 'This is going to be interesting " Ride on Bro....." Faith is my girl, a heart so big, room for everyone in there. I will miss her dearly. Faith is Wease Cares 

Joe T. - Trustee & Founder Wease Cares:

"I met Andy through Wease and we instantly became friends. Andy was one hell of a guy and a great friend. Always brought a smile to my face and His memory will be forever in my mind and my heart" Ride Free My Friend...always there for his friends and anybody who needed help". My  beautiful wife Faith lived Wease Cares  she will always be looking down on us making sure we are doing the right thing...taking care of the kids. Faith is Wease Cares!

Doreen Levin - The Better Half of Wease & Doreen. Wease Cares is a Great Way to Keep Andy and Faith's Name & Memory Alive in all the Good Things the Charity Does for the Kid's. they were  Very Special People to a Lot of us, Andy and Faith Will Always be Remembered thru Wease Cares Forever.

Karen Kirn - "Andy was that guy that when you first met him he became your friend, he was outgoing, friendly and cared about people and of course  loved kids. It was my pleasure to have met such such a good man in my lifetime, I will remember him forever." Faith was my friend and a great person, cared about the kids in a way that no one else could . I will miss her. Their names & memory live on thru Wease cares.


All the money raised by WEASE CARES Children's Fund stays in the Rochester & surrounding area. It is used to directly benefit children in need. 
Thank You for Helping the kids......
                         Money raised for the Children of our Community:
1998 - $12,549.23
1999 - $16,072.00
2000 - $23,153.50
2001 - $13,655.50
2002 - $13,513.00
2003 - $13,188.51
2004 - $11,384.54
                                                      2005 - $8,462.00
2006 - $43,280.00
2007 - $35, 753.55
2008 - $34,135.77
2009 - $39,790.00
2010 - $40,180.52
2011 - $34,421.34
2012 - $21,319.13
2013 - $20,713.31 
                                                     2014 - $34,105.00
                                                     2015 - $25,892.72
                                                     2016 - $32,780.77 
                                                     2017 - $45,164.23  
                                                     2018 - $31,258.88 
                                                     2019 - $47,113.50
                                                     2020 - $26,378.59
                                                     2021 -$17,495.50
                                                     2022 -